UNRUN is a high-end sustainable activewear brand, founded and designed by Olympic Champions with an eye for detail and an impeccable fit. As hands-on experts, we have an unrivalled knowledge of how sportswear must feel, move, breathe, and look. Additionally, all pieces are tested and approved by a group of elite female athletes, making them a true testament to craftsmanship.

From a sweat at the gym to the drill of daily life, we’re on a continuous quest to create the most versatile garments, withstanding every workout.


In 2008, the seemingly impossible became reality. We won a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in the 4x100 relay in Track and Field in 42 seconds 54 hundreds.

We were sponsored athletes our entire career. Having lived the life of professional athletes ourselves, we experienced clothes getting better, more technical and performance driven. And with that evolution, the fashion aspect faded into the background. 

While there still is a strong need for self-expression on the track today. Women wear make-up, paint their nails and wear jewelry that make them feel special and strong. We look up to inspiring women like the late Florence Joyner Griffith and Jackie Joyner Kersee. Athletes who did not only stand out by their extraordinary performance, but also by their sense of fashion and style on the track.

It’s amazing to experience that our edgy, true to sports garments and sporty ready-to-wear pieces surprise sports enthusiasts and lure fashion lovers into activewear.


Olivia Borlée

In parallel with her professional athlete career, after an education in interior design at ‘La Cambre’, Olivia, passionate about volumes and conceptual fashion, adds a styling degree to her resume.

Elodie Ouedraogo

Alongside her high level sports career, Elodie graduates as a journalist before joining the editorial department of ELLE Belgium.


We close the gap between function and fashion

Inspired by the glamorous athletes of the eighties, UNRUN4254 blends performance and concept, closing the gap between function and fashion, by taking the savoir faire and translating it for the modern woman. We take pride in the fact that our pieces are very versatile. Honoring its roots, UNRUN4254 creates silhouettes infused with strong lines and volumes with a hint of the Belgian, edgy avant-garde aesthetic the country is known for. 

UNRUN4254 pieces can be layered and matched with your daywear for a chic streetwear look.

We stand for clean clothes

Persuasion is what brought us to the win and it is what drives us today in our ambition to provide our community with the cleanest possible clothes. We uses sustainable and handpicked garments. We produce clothes made from recycled and biodegradable fabrics.

UNRUN4254 is on a mission to minimize the footprint and maximize the impact from sketch to garment of every single one of our designs. 

We are hands-on experts

As former professional athletes, we require the finest in terms of how sportswear must feel, move, breathe and look. Our collection is created with the highest quality fabrics, made in Europe. We have built long standing relationships with factories that are the best-in-class. As a result we offer sleek garments crafted from lightweight, soft, breathable, and quick-drying materials.

UNRUN4254 is driven by passion and obsessed by performance, designed for women by women. 

We empower women to be everyday champions

A great outfit empowers you. It gives you the energy to go the extra mile. We want women to feel strong, invincible in the clothes they wear. UNRUN4254 champions are trailblazers, leading the way for women all over the world proving they can be, and do anything.

UNRUN4254 is determined to create a positive and safe environment in which women can express themselves through sports and style.



As women, we’re facing many obstacles. Inequalities.
We’ve reached unparallelled milestones in our athletic careers, but part of our journey is still unrun.

Female athletes constantly set and break records, and push the boundaries of gender inequality. They're raising the bar, for what we ever thought was possible in athletics.  

We never wanted to launch just an activewear brand. We want to create a community of women that inspire and support each other. A community that’s more conscious, activist, driven and righteous than ever before.



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